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Pretty Betrays Lehasa in the most painful way

Pretty Betrays Lehasa in the most painful way

In an attempt to get all of Lehasa’s attention, Pretty makes a big mistake.

Just as Lehasa starts to enjoy his time with Pretty, his world is turned upside down when he finds out that he’s going to court soon for his murder trial.

Lehasa is shocked when he finds out his trial for killing waiter and IT genius Fanie in August 2021 is going ahead. And adding to his worry of prison is the fact he has bad blood with the judge presiding the case.

While Lehasa is trying to balance everything in his life, Pretty realises the assurances she needs regarding Lehasa and Khwezi’s relationship are not as forthcoming and assuring as hoped for.

While Lehasa is worrying about the upcoming trial and Khwezi’s pregnancy and only then his ailing relationship, Pretty feels neglected enough to do something desperate to get his attention – and she makes a huge mistake

Pretty is insecure. Her boyfriend is having a baby with another woman, and she feels like Lehasa isn’t making her feel secure and safe in their relationship.

This leads to her hiding Lehasa’s phone to stop Khwezi from constantly nagging Lehasa and limit her contact with him.

But now how is Lehasa’s lawyer supposed to get hold of him? And who else might find the phone that may or may not have incriminating evidence against him on it? Will Lehasa go to jail because of Pretty?



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