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Uzalo: Nonka agrees to plead guilty for drug charges she knows nothing about in hope for mercy

Uzalo: Nonka agrees to plead guilty for drug charges she knows nothing about in hope for mercy

All hope appears to be lost after Nonka’s attorney informs her that nothing can be done to free her from prison if Kwanda does not admit that he was the only one involved with drugs and was using her and the company as a front. Her attorney informs her that she has two options.

The first is to go to trial, where they can argue that she did not know about the drugs, but this does not guarantee that she will receive a lesser sentence because Kwanda’s defence might convict her. The second choice is for her to enter a guilty plea, where she might receive a lesser punishment, a suspended sentence, or community service. Nonka agrees that none of the options offers her much hope.

Nonka and her rich boyfriend.

Hleziphi visits Nonka in jail after being kidnapped by Kwanda for knowing the truth. Nonka reveals that she is scared but glad to see her alive. Hleziphi promises to do everything in her will to help Nonka take Kwanda as she knows her friend is innocent as she is the state witness who will testify against Kwanda. However, she agrees to meet with the prosecutor and enter a guilty plea because her attorney advises it.

As Nonka prepares to go to court to enter a guilty plea, Lilly brings her a suit. She tries to reassure her sister that everything will be okay, but Nonka is unconvinced. Nonka’s family finds it hard to believe that Kwanda played them all, pretended to be the love of her life the entire time, and never gave a damn. They will also support Nonka by appearing in court.

The untouchable Nkunzi is attacked, and Mondli still wants to know who did it, but Nkunzi is a gangster and doesn’t trust the police to help him. He eventually succeeds in donning Nkunzi and is given the name “Putin.” According to Nkunzi, a man named Putin attacked him.

Nonka and her rich boyfriend during a pool party on Uzalo. Instagram/Uzalo

It is thought that Putin is a dangerous gangster who gets this nickname. Could this be a real person, or is Nkunzi making it up because he’s embarrassed to reveal the identity of the person who attempted to kill him?

Mondli mobilizes his task force in response to the discovery of the identity revealed by Nkunzi. He orders his police force to investigate the Putin saga and try to identify this criminal in his capacity as captain.

Nomaswazi is still attempting to persuade her mother that she can succeed as the company’s CEO, but it doesn’t seem like she is succeeding. Her uncle advises her to ask her mother for assistance, but she declines and says she will handle everything on her own.



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