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Uzalo October 2022 Teasers, MaDlala is kidnapped and Mbatha exposed

Uzalo October 2022 Teasers, MaDlala is kidnapped and Mbatha exposed

Find out what’s coming on Uzalo in October: MaDlala gets kidnapped, it’s over for Nosipho and Sambulo! and Mamlambo returns.

The Shlobo ladies will face foul people who come after their money and kidnap MaDlala.
The problem will start when MaDlala purchases a wig that gets everyone talking.

The wig starts to get eyes from the wrong crowd, which assumes that the Shlobo ladies are loaded, and trouble begins.

MaDlala is abducted, and the cronies want a ransom. The police get involved, and MaDongwe starts feeling like they are not being helpful.

Lilly promises to bring back MaDlala in one piece, but MaDongwe has had enough; she gives in to the kidnappers’ demands, escalating the problem further because the kidnappers raise the stakes and get more aggressive.

They give MaDongwe strict instructions on where to drop off the money.

Lilly decided to stay at KwaMashu and expose the syndicate that kidnapped MaDlala.

Madlala on Uzalo. Image: Twitter
Nosipho’s Nightmare begins.
The dream has turned into a sad nightmare for Nosipho. The viewers of Uzalo will get to meet Pastor Gwala’s mother for the first time; she is a joy to Nosipho.

Nosipho is worried about meeting her boyfriend’s mother, but she likes Nosipho so much that she tells Sambulo to marry her.

Sambulo goes down on one knee by Friday, the 7th of October, but the pregnancy destroys all those dreams by the following Monday. She is pregnant with Mondli’s baby.

Sambulo and Nosipho will separate, and he rejects all of her attempts to make up. Nosipho will try to apologize to Mondli for tricking him and stealing his condom so she could get pregnant.

Will Sambulo come around?
Mamlambo makes a return to KwaMashu.

Mamlambo left after her ordeal with Khathide, which almost got her arrested on charges of drug dealing.

According to the teasers, Mamlambo will help a very sick Njinji, who is supposed to do a cleansing for her husband, Magwaza. Njinji gets so ill that Nomaswazi starts fearing the worst, but things change, and Mamlambo starts to receive more clients.

Mrs Pope Bishop threatens to expose Mbatha as a fake priest.
The two go through a breakup, and Nomasonto is not to be played with.
She tries to return to Mbatha, and he throws her out, but she has an ace up her sleeve.

Mbatha is also trying to move the KFC congregation to the KFC church building. It seems the church is up for grabs, and Mbatha wants it.
His Exco members are shocked at what he is prepared to do to raise funds.



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